Find out how much you can be saving
on fuel and time with an onsite FUEL tank

You don't realise how much time and labour you're spending on keeping your fleet of vehicles and machinery fueled up. You're at the mercy of retail fuel prices, and regional variations, when you could be paying wholesale prices. An onsite fuel container tank will give you quick ROI and pay for itself many times over.

Pop in a couple of details below so we know who you are, and then use our calculator to find out just how much you could save with a Fuelchief tank.

This calculator will show how much you will save on:


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Annual Fuel Usage

Annual Fuel Saving


Annual Time Saved


Annual Labour Time Saved


Potential Total Annual Saving


About FuelChief tanks 

With over 40 years of quality design, innovative thinking, and construction excellence of storage and management solutions for all liquid fuels under our belt, Fuelchief was born from a desire to see storage and management of fuel safe, free of hassle and simple. 

Our Australia-based team are dedicated to teamwork, accountability, and accuracy and have plenty of ready solutions and nationwide support, whenever and wherever you need it. 

By constantly changing and innovating, sourcing the best quality and expert advice, we are proud to provide assurance and support without compromise, and this comes down to every single product we sell. If you need a diesel fuel storage tank, a custom fuel tank, farm fuel tank, marine fuel tank or any other kind of onsite fuel container, you've come to the right place.